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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


  • What are the advantages of participating in the all star process?  This is an opportunity for players who have the desire to continue playing baseball following the regular season and the ability to compete at a highly competitive level to do so. Selected players will have an opportunity to represent the league, play with other players from the league and form new friendships.  The additional practices and games will help the players further develop and refine their baseball skills.

  • I’m not sure if my son/daughter is “all star” caliber.Should I still have him/her tryout?  Yes!  For anyone desiring to play more baseball following the regular season, they are highly encouraged to tryout.  While not every player trying out will be guaranteed to make an all star team, NKB will do its best to provide an opportunity for as many players as possible to participate in the all star process.

  • Why are there potentially three different teams formed for each age division?I thought that we were all part of the same league?  NKB is made up of three separate charters with the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization – Boone County; Kenton County; and Licking Valley.  As such, we are required to form our all star teams that compete in the East Kentucky Cal Ripken all star tournaments based upon the player’s physical residence.

  • How many players are on a roster?  The typical number of players is 12.  Teams may, however, elect to have up to two alternates as well.

  • How long does the all star season last?  Practices may occur during the regular season after the rosters have been finalized to the extent practical.  All star games will typically start the week or two after the end of the regular season (i.e., last week of June/first week of July) and possibly continue through the end of July/early August depending upon the number and timing of any additionally scheduled games/tournaments.

  • How many games will be played?  This will vary based on a number of factors.  To the extent applicable, the all star teams will compete in the East Kentucky Cal Ripken District 1 tournament and in the East Kentucky Cal Ripken State tournament (for qualifying teams).  Teams are encouraged to participate in other tournaments as well.  This will be based on the coaches and parents preferences.

  • How much does it cost?  The initial cost for those players selected to one of the all star teams will be $50, which will be utilized for uniforms and other required expenses.  NKB will be providing some funding related to all stars.  Any travel-related expenses, non-East Kentucky Cal Ripken tournament entry fees, etc. will be the responsibility of the all star players’ families.

  • If a player “played up” during the regular season, can he/she play with his/her own age for all stars? Yes.  Player age requirements are based on a player’s age as of April 30th, but a player may elect to tryout for an age group that is one year higher.  For example, a 10 year old player who participated in the NKB’s 11U Division may tryout for the 11U or 10U all star team. Players are, however, required to indicate which age group that they are trying out for as part of the all star registration process and are only allowed to play on one all star team.