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Presented below is a list of frequently asked questions about the NKB Major and Minor Divisions.  For additional information, please contact Mike Flynn (NKB Board member) or your applicable division coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •     How many teams are necessary to have a separate Major and Minor Division? A minimum of 12 teams within a given age group is necessary in order to offer both the Major and Minor divisions.  Additionally, there needs to be a minimum of five teams within a Major and Minor Division.
  •     Which age groups will be eligible for the separate Major and Minor Divisions? The 8U and above age groups will be eligible.  
  •    How will the Major Division vs. Minor Division teams be determined? The applicable division coordinator will recommend placement based on discussions with coaches and general knowledge of the teams.
  •    If I am a player on Minor Division team, can I be considered for a roster spot on a Major Division team? Yes.  To the extent that Major Division teams have openings, other players will have an opportunity to be considered for those open spots and will be eligible to participate in a tryout/evaluation coordinated by NKB.  
  •     What rules will be utilized?  Minor Division teams will utilize the standard Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rules for their age group.  Major Division teams will utilize the standard Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rules for their age group unless the applicable division coordinator determines that modified rules will be utilized.  The rules for the Major and Minor Divisions will be determined and communicated by the division coordinators prior to the start of the season.
  •     Number of games? Generally, it is expected that the Major Division teams will play more games than the Minor Division teams.  Minor Division teams will play 14-16 regular season games plus an end-of the-season tournament while the Major Division may elect to play more regular season games against other area teams and supplement the end-of-the-season tournament with other non-league tournaments.  The exact number of games will vary for the teams.
  •     Will there be separate end-of-season tournaments for the Major Division and Minor Division teams?  Yes.  There will be separate tournaments with separate champions for the age groups in which there are separate Major and Minor Divisions.•    Will both Major Division and Minor Division players be eligible for NKB All Star teams? Yes.  Players from both the Major and Minor Divisions will be eligible to participate in the post-season all star selection process.
  •     Is there a cost difference? Potentially.  Due to the increased number of games outside of the NKB schedule that the Major Division players may elect to play as compared to the Minor Division players, there could be additional costs. This will be determined by the individual teams/coaches.  Also, any travel related expenses will be the responsibility of the individual players.