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Northern Kentucky Baseball (NKB) Major and Minor Divisions

NKB will offer both a Major Division and Minor Division for age groups 8U and above that have a minimum number of teams (12 or more in total and a minimum of five per division). The purposes of having the separate Major and Minor Divisions is to offer two levels of competition at the applicable age groups, align players and teams to help ensure an optimal level of competitiveness and allow players at varying skills levels to continue to develop their baseball skills and knowledge by practicing and playing with players of similar age and skill levels.

Over the last several years, NKB has lost a considerable number of teams and players to other leagues.  One of the primary reasons given for this has been the level of competition available for the more advanced players and teams.  In essence, some advanced players and teams have felt that they had to leave for a different league to face the level of competition desired.  By offering separate Major and Minor Divisions, it is expected that existing teams will stay together within NKB and provide an added incentive for advanced players to stay with or join the league.  Coaches can use this to their benefit when communicating with their existing players and prospective new additions to the league.

The Major Division will consist of players and teams that desire and are capable of playing at a higher, more competitive level.  Although not required to do so, these teams may elect to play additional games outside of the regular season and end-of-season tournaments, so the number of games may be higher. 

The Minor Division will consist of players interested in a more recreational level of play.  These teams may, however, elect to play additional games outside of the regular season and end-of-season tournaments as well.

For certain age groups, the rules in the Major Division may differ from those offered in the Minor Division.  To illustrate, the 10U Major Division may use different distances (e.g., 48/65 vs. 46/60 used by the Minor Division), allow leadoffs and steals on first move and dropped third strikes are live whereas the 10U Minor Division would not allow leadoffs, steals only after ball crosses the plate and no dropped third strikes.  In other age groups, the rules may be the same; however, the level of players and caliber of teams are the primary distinguishing features between the Major and Minor Division teams.  The rules for the Major and Minor Divisions will be determined by the applicable age group’s Vice President/Division Coordinator prior to the start of the season.

A determination will be made regarding which teams are playing in the Major Division vs. Minor Division for all applicable age divisions (8U and above) based on discussions between the coaches and the applicable age group’s Vice President/Division Coordinator.  The goal will be to have a minimum of five teams in a particular division.

For Major Division teams that need additional players to supplement their existing rosters, NKB will facilitate a player evaluation/tryout for all players interested in being considered for a Major Division team.  The evaluation/tryout will be administered by NKB representatives, and all applicable skills will be assessed (i.e., hitting, infield, outfield, arm strength, arm accuracy, range, running speed, pitching, catching, first base, etc.) The timing of the evaluation will occur in the Fall/Winter of each year.   Coaches in the Major Division needing one or more players will attend the evaluation/tryout and rank their preferences.  Independent evaluators from NKB will also participate. A player draft will be conducted and the draft order will be determined by NKB.

Any players trying out for a Major Division team who are not selected will either return to his/her Minor Division team or, if not already on an existing team, will be placed on a Minor Division team’s roster.  A process will be place to ensure that coaches/teams participating in the evaluation/tryout process commit to playing with NKB in the Spring season.