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Bambino Buddy Ball Information

3 Levels of play:


Adaptive Rookie Machine Pitch

- Ages 5-12 (birthdays between 5/1/01 - 4/30/09)

- Will follow Rookie Machine Pitch rules, settings (5U) and dimensions

- 2 pitches from machine, then tee

- All players will field (no one sits out)

- Pitchers helmet will be provided and we expect it to be used

- Must wear tennis shoes or cleats

- Must wear batting helmet

- No catcher - the pitcher covers home

- Game limit 3 innings or 1:20

- A buddy is allowed, but not required

- May have any level of assistance from their buddy.

- May use crutches to get to bases

 We will plan to practice one day a week and one game on a weekend day.
The registration fees for this program are being covered by our sponsor, A Step Ahead Therapy.


Adaptive T-ball (wiffle ball) - Bambino Buddy Ball

Ages 4-18 (birthday between 5/1/95 - 4/30/10)

This is the division for our kids who need the most adaptation.

- They need a buddy at all times (can be a family member, volunteer, therapist)

- They may have trouble transitioning, may be non-verbal or profoundly delayed. They may participate in whatever capacity they can that day.

- Other than keeping everyone safe, we will have very few "rules" for these players. This would be our most relaxed and least structured division. (for example, if a child didn't want to hit, but wanted to run the bases, we would let them.)

- Tennis shoes are encouraged, but if a child will only wear crocs we will still let them play as long as their feet are safe.  

- Adaptive devices are allowed (but do need to be ambulatory since we have traditional fields)

- We will play a round robin "game". There will only be one team on the field. So as players arrive they can choose to hit or field first, may run the bases (no outs), they may hit in any order as long as we are letting everyone have a turn that wants one.

- We will use plastic wiffle ball bat and wiffle balls, so no helmets are required.

- Goal would be to keep games in the 45-60 minute range.

 No practices, just their game experience on a weekend day.
Registration fees for Bambino Ball are covered by our sponsor, A Step Ahead Therapy.


Adaptive Machine Pitch

Ages 9-18

- Able to play independently, but not able to keep up with peers

- Able to learn the game and understand the rules

- We will follow Machine Pitch (7U) rules, settings and dimensions (6 pitches or 3 strikes, no leadoffs, steals allowed after first strike) 

- Must wear tennis shoes or cleats and a batting helmet

- Will provide and expect a pitchers helmet to be used

- Will use a catcher in full gear

- Need to be able to transition to offense and defense easily.

- All kids in the field (extra players in the outfield) no one sits out.

game limit 4 innings or 1:40 minutes

 - We will plan to practice 1 day a week and games on one weekend day.
Registration fees are covered by our sponsor, A Step Ahead Therapy.