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Tournament Division Overview

Northern Kentucky Baseball Association (NKB) will be offering a new division for teams that are looking to play a more competitive season along with the ability to play in week-end tournaments. This division will be piloted in three age groups during the 2020 Spring Season and, depending on feedback and success of the pilot, will be rolled out to additional age groups starting in 2021.  NKB will continue to offer Majors (Select) and Minors (Recreation) along with a new, third “Tournament” division. 

Since this is a pilot division for 2020, this is not a comprehensive list of rules. The intent is to provide an overview of the differences between the current NKB Majors (Select) Division and the new Tournament Division.  Any rules not specifically covered here, will default to the Majors rules of the same age group.

Age Groups

In 2020, the Tournament Division will be piloted in the 11U through 13U age groups. Beginning in 2021, teams in all additional age groups may have the Tournament Division option. An age division must have minimum 6 teams to offer a Tournament division and each age group is capped at 8 teams for 2020. Deadline to sign up for Tournament division will be November 1st, 2019 for the 2020 Spring Season and a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a team spot. If there are less than 6 teams in an age division, we will not offer a Tournament division and those teams that did register will be given the choice to register as a Majors team, or withdrawal registration from NKB. In the case that NKB doesn’t offer the tournament division for a certain age group, the $100 deposit will be returned.


Teams in the Tournament division will register as a team, instead of individual players. Cost per team for the 2020 season will be $595 and payment in full is due by January 15th, 2020. The $100 deposit will be part of the payment, resulting in an additional $495 due by January 15th.


Teams will be responsible for submitting a full roster to NKB before the season, including first and last name and uniform number. Rosters can have no more than 15 players and any player not on the roster will not be permitted to play in and NKB league games or the NKB end of season tournament. All players must sign a contract with their NKB team that will be enforced from August 1st of the current year through July 31st of the following year. For the 2020 season, contracts are valid from August 1, 2019 through July 31st, 2020. Players registered on a tournament team will not be eligible to sub for any other NKB team and tournament teams are not able to add players from other NKB teams that are not on their initial roster.

Players will be eligible for NKB All-Star teams, if interested and if they meet all other All-Star eligibility requirements for NKB.


Teams in the Tournament division will have the option to create their own schedule, based on player availability and tournament schedule. Teams can schedule games against other NKB teams (Tournament or Majors teams), SWOL, Knothole, or other league or tournament teams. NKB teams will be assigned one field per week (see below) to schedule these games or are able to play “away” games, if interested. Only games played against other NKB Tournament teams will be included in the league standings for End of Season Tournament seeding purposes. To be eligible for the NKB EOS tournament, teams must play a minimum of 4 games against other NKB Tournament teams in their age division.

For example, assuming both Team A and Team B are NKB Tournament teams. Team A is assigned Central Park 4 on Tuesday nights and Team B is assigned Idlewild 7 on Wednesdays. These teams could play at CP4 on Tuesday with Team A being the home team and IW7 on Wednesday with Team B being the home team. Both games would count in the league standings.


Each team in the Tournament division will be assigned one field during a week-night (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) at no additional cost. Each team will be able to use this field for practices or to schedule league or non-league games. The field will be assigned in the same manner as NKB currently assigns practice fields. (Survey sent before the season with date/field preference) Teams will have the option to rent additional field time (as available from the league) for additional practice times and/or games at the current field rental rate ($35/2 hours in 2020 and there is a discount for bulk rental and/or Sunday rentals).

Tournaments (Outside)

Teams will not be assigned fields on week-ends (Saturday or Sunday) to allow them to play any outside tournaments. In addition, if a tournament team wants to play a week-long tournament, they will have the option to not schedule any games during that week. NKB will not provide any equipment or tournament fee cost for outside tournaments. However, the NKB provided insurance is usually enough for any outside tournaments and a declaration of insurance can be provided on request.


NKB will not provide umpire scheduling or payment for Tournament teams. This will be the responsibility of the teams to coordinate. NKB will provide a resource page with different umpire options for the teams to reference.

League Standings

Only games played against other NKB Tournament teams of the same age group will be considered in league standings. These standings will ONLY be used for seeding in the NKB end of season tournament and not for any other purpose (home/away, etc.) and a team must play a minimum of 4 games against other NKB Tournament teams to be eligible for the EOS tournament. League standings in the Tournament Division will be based on a point system, instead of winning percentage. Teams will be awarded 5 points for a win against another NKB tournament team, 3 points for a tie, and 1 point for a loss. Winning percentage will be the first tie breaker and average runs allowed will be the second tie breaker. 

End of Season Tournament

The NKB Tournament division will have an End of Season tournament that is included in the registration cost. 

The EOS Tournament will be a single elimination tournament (or double elimination, based on number of teams registered) held on (Thursday – Sunday) June 25th – 29th at either Mountain Ballpark or Mills Road. Seeding will be based on league standings with the first-place team playing the last place team, etc.

Teams must play, at a minimum, four games against other NKB Tournament Teams in their age division to be eligible for the EOS tournament.

Umpires will be scheduled by NKB for the End of season tournament with each team paying $30 to each umpire for each game they play (Pay at the Plate).

Trophies or Rings will be provided to the first place and second place teams of the end of season tournament.


NKB will not provide any equipment for tournament teams (game balls, umpire fees, etc.). All equipment is the responsibility of the team.

NKB will provide team insurance for each tournament team with the cost being part of the registration fee. This insurance will cover all league games, non-league games, and most tournaments. It will be the responsibility of the team to verify the league insurance is sufficient with any outside tournaments and, if not, the team will be responsible for securing proper insurance.

Pitch Counts

Each pitcher will have a limit of pitches per day, but NKB will not monitor rest days requirements for tournament division teams. Limits per day are 95 (13 or older), 85 (11 or 12 year old), and 75 (10 or below). 

Rules Not Covered

Any rule (including bat rules) not addressed will default to the NKB Majors (Select) division rules. 


As NKB is piloting this division in 2020, we are asking all coaches to act in good faith to the spirit of youth baseball and NKB’s philosophy of “Kid’s First.” We understand their will be rules and situations that are not covered in the rules/overview and we are asking coaches to provide those situations/examples to the league so they can be covered in the official roll out of the Tournament Division in 2021. 


To secure your spot, please send an e-mail to John Muench at with your name, team name and age division (spring 2020). Mail your deposit to Northern Kentucky Baseball, PO BOX 287, Walton KY 41094.  Your spot will not be guaranteed until the initial $100 deposit is received by the league.