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Mike Santiago
NKB Board Start Date: 2017
Residence: Northern KY 
Mike joined the NKB Board in 2017 and throughly enjoys coaching and developing young athletes.  Mike grew up in Tampa, Florida where he played baseball for Gaither High School and briefly at Elon College in North Carolina. Prior to joining Northern Kentucky Baseball, Mike was a volunteer Baseball Coach for Chamberlain High School in Tampa, the YMCA in Louisville, and Pace Athletic Recreation Association in Pace, FL.  
Mike's career opportunities brought him and his wife, Staci to Northern Kentucky and he's been a volunteer coach since 2015 and an active Board member since 2017.  





  • Responsible for the overall coordination of activities associated with corresponding NKB divisions:

‚Äč13U Prep Division

Babe Ruth Division

  • Serve as the main point of contact for any coaches to ask questions or escalate issues that need to be addressed.  Be proactive in communications with coaches and parents.

  • Organize and lead pre-season and post-season coaches’ meetings.

  • Help organize pre-season, mid-season and post-season tournaments that the league will be hosting for the division.

  • Organize all star tryouts, gather other coaches to help, run the tryouts, notify players who did or did not make the All-Star teams.

  • Ensure rules are followed by all coaches, players and spectators.

  • Ensure that all coaches’ certifications and background checks have been completed.

  • Ensure communication is prompt and clear to all coaches.

  • Ensure safety is a top priority for the players, coaches and spectators.

  • Validate that game results and pitch counts (as applicable) are entered into the NKB website in a timely fashion.

  • Help promote the division and NKB to any prospective players and/or teams in the area to increase the size of the division.

  • Work with Vice President - Players, Fields and Scheduling to ensure all players are assigned and that practice locations, game scheduling, tournament scheduling, etc. are completed and communicated.

  • Work with Vice Presidents - Equipment and Uniforms to make sure all teams are supplied with equipment and uniforms (if teams are ordering uniforms from the league) in a timely fashion.

  • Work with Vice President - Marketing to make sure coaches are aware and engaged with the fundraising efforts.

  • Work with Vice President - Umpires to ensure qualified umpires are being hired and provide feedback, both positive and negative, regarding umpires.




  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Ability to work well with others



  • Weekly

Address any questions, comments, requests and concerns received related to individual divisions.

  • January

Conduct initial pre-season coaches’ meetings for spring season.

  • March

Conduct follow up pre-season coaches’ meetings for spring season.

Ensure that all coaches’ certifications and background checks have been completed.

  • May

Oversee try outs and formation of All-Star teams.

  • June

Oversee post-season tournaments.

Oversee all star tournaments.

  • July

Conduct post-season coaches’ meetings for spring season.

  • August

Conduct pre-season coaches’ meetings for fall season.

  • November

Conduct post-season coaches’ meetings for fall season.