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Welcome to NKB's FALL BALL 2020!

Key Information:

1.) Registration is set to begin June 22nd 2020.

2) If you have secured placement on an existing team, or are on a returning team please select your team from the dropdown menu or list it by name in the comment section. 

3) COACHES: Please Complete the Team Interest Survey this is NOT OPTIONAL.  It is also required that you send me anticipated rosters. If I do not have expected rosters it makes it impossible to know who you are expecting to return! 

4.) Payment must be received when registering.

5.)  A full roster is considered 12-13 players, if a roster does not come into the season meeting these guidelines, pool players can be added to all teams. 

6.) Practices will begin the first week of August.

7.) Teammate requests are NOT guaranteed, especially late in registration. Team requests are NOT guaranteed, as some roster do come in to the season full. Coaches are able to request roster placements.

8.) Each team will have 1 weeknight practice practice nights are requested by the head coach and aren't known until registration closes. 


Please contact Allison Woodward with any registration questions at